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Chicago: Crisis Assistance Response and Engagement (CARE)


  • City: Chicago, Illinois
  • Population Size: 2,693,976
  • Jurisdiction Size: 227.62 sq miles


  • 0- Paramedic + MH professional team/substance use/overdose teams
  • 1- Officer involved teams

CIT (Crisis Intervention Training) Requirements

  • Officers will be CIT trained

Model Components

  • Staffing Structure
    • 4 locations in the city- the most with police and fire transports
    • Bringing up 6 total teams including, officer involved- 1 officer + 1 paramedic + 1 MH professional, paramedic + MH professional, teams specializing in overdose and substance use- FD community paramedic + peer recovery specialist)
    • Will have an embedded clinician in call center
  • Dispatch Structure
    • Will have embedded MH professional in call center

Operating Structure

    • Operations
      • Police teams are going to all risk levels, non-police teams are going to lower risk calls (including SUD/OUD overdose)
      • CARE team is interacting with the community by:
        • Direct dispatch from the 911 call center
        • Request to assist a call underway
        • Follow-up on a previous caller
        • Outreach to individuals/areas with large numbers of crisis-related calls
    • Funding Mechanisms:
      • Funding through CDC for opioid crisis (health department piece only)
      • Also have city general funds
    • Management Structure
      • Paramedics are through FD, MH Clinicians are city employees
    • Supplies/Equipment
      • Unmarked sprint vans (have lights and sirens)

Key Takeaways

  • Strong support and direction from Mayor’s Department- they were clear they wanted a police MH response and a non-law enforcement response- this gave them direction and momentum

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