Get involved by joining Transform911’s virtual convenings. We welcome members of the public, professionals in emergency response, law enforcement, public health, and academia—as well as elected officials and community leaders—to join us. You may also be interested in reading some of the research behind the recommendations presented at these convenings in our research report, “Transforming 911: Assessing the Landscape and Identifying New Areas of Action and Inquiry.”


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Blueprint Launch: June 29, 2022

Transform911 will unveil a blueprint to transform the nation’s 911 system—from call-taking and dispatch through final resolution. Public safety professionals—including 911, EMS, fire, and law enforcement—along with community responders, advocates, public health officials, researchers, and other experts have spent the past year developing recommendations to better prioritize public health, community safety, and justice in emergency response.

WHEN: Wednesday, June 29, 9am – 5pm CT with optional breakfast and reception for in-person attendees.

WHERE: In-Person (Laurenia, 234 Loyola Ave, New Orleans, LA) and Virtual (Zoom)

  • 9:00 a.m. CT – Virtual summary briefing
  • 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. CT – Blueprint Launch

***Please note in-person space is limited. Please register by June 10 if you are planning to attend in-person.***

WHO: Policymakers; frontline responders; public and mental health professionals; service providers; researchers; community advocates, and others invested in the emergency response system


QUESTIONS? Contact Sara Hayden at or 312-725-2524

Past Convenings

Transform911 has already held two virtual convenings – one in September 2021 and one in March 2022. Recordings of all sessions from both the September and March events are available on their respective pages and on our YouTube channel. Overviews of each agenda are below.

Second Convening: March 2-4, 2022

Transform911’s second virtual convening was designed for workgroup chairs and the public to share and discuss draft recommendations that holistically transform the nation’s emergency response and 911 systems—from call taking and first response through dispatch and final resolution.

The draft recommendations presented at this convening were informed by research presented in our research report, “Transforming 911: Assessing the Landscape and Identifying New Areas of Action and Inquiry.”

Over three days, the project’s six workgroups shared draft ideas and solicited input. Final recommendations will provide state, local, and federal policymakers with a roadmap to promote more equitable responses to crises and expand access to comprehensive emergency services.

Eight 911 professionals shared their perspectives during the convening – you can watch their stories with captions in our Practitioner Corner.

Wednesday, March 2: 11:00-1:45 CT
• Alternative First Responders Workgroup
• 911 Professional Career and Supports Workgroup

Thursday, March 3: 11:00-1:45 CT
• 911 Technology and Infrastructure Workgroup
• Emergency Communications Center Operations Workgroup

Friday, March 4: 11:00-1:45 CT
• 911 Governance Workgroup
• 911 Hotline Alternatives Workgroup

Inaugural Convening: September 17, 2021

On September 17, 2021, Transform911 held its inaugural convening. Alongside community members and advocates, the event gathered leaders in public health, government, law enforcement, technology, and emergency response telecommunications to discuss how transforming complex emergency response systems can better support individuals on all sides of a 911 call – while improving public health and community well-being.

Each segment of the convening was recorded and can be found directly below.

  • Opening Plenary: Establishing a Vision for Transformation
  • Breakout Sessions:
    • ECC Operations (formerly Call Handling Operations)
    • 911 Governance
    • Viable Crisis Hotline Alternatives
    • 911 Technology and Infrastructure
    • 911 Professional Career and Supports (formerly Professionalization and Supports of Public Safety Telecommunicators)
    • Alternative First Responders (formerly Alternatives to Emergency Responders)

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