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Transform911 envisions a 911 system that equitably and reliably increases access to well-being for those who need emergency assistance, the professionals who staff 911, and those deployed to respond. We build on the extraordinary and positive innovations in the field to address the challenges and inequities that are within our reach and control, recognizing that the change we envision cannot happen without shifts in the systems and communities that 911 serves.

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Inform988 Primer

The University of Chicago Health Lab is convening a Community of Practice to examine and offer insights into the national 988 rollout, with an emphasis on how it can and does interact with the 911 system.

ECC Dashboard

This dashboard is intended to help practitioners, policy researchers, and analysts better understand the current landscape of ECCs in the United States.

Alternative Response Resources
We are excited to showcase a curated selection of research and resources that provide valuable insights and tools that can be used to support communities in times of crisis.

Blueprint For Change

The University of Chicago Health Lab has gathered experts in health care, academia, government, emergency response, and public safety—in collaboration with advocates and elected leaders via virtual round tables and working groups—to examine how to transform America’s 911 system.


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Transforming 911 Research Report

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