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As 911 initiatives and research are growing and changing, so too is the Resource Hub. If you are aware of a resource that is missing, have questions, or would like to report a link that no longer works, please contact us at


Inform988 Primer

The Inform988 Primer is intended to provide an overview of 988’s origins, explore its nationwide implementation, and to gather organizational best practices and existing “playbooks” into a central location. It is intended to be a living document, updated as the nascent 988 landscape continues to develop.

Carolina Alternative Emergency Responses Report

Stemming from Durham City Council’s inquiry into 911 calls’ insights into community needs, RTI evaluated years of 911 data from a cohort of North Carolina and South Carolina cities. This report showcases their findings and offers alternative response strategies to address community needs for these states while providing valuable insights for communities nationwide.

National ECC Dashboard

Currently, no information exists nationally to facilitate a greater understanding and appreciation for current ECC structure and governance. To help bridge the gap in measuring ECC independence, this dashboard uses an ECC’s name – as provided in the FCC’s ECC census – to estimate whether its governance is independent or falls under the purview of another agency.

Featured Crisis Resources

At the heart of Transform911’s mission lies a commitment to community building and fostering connections with organizations that share our dedication to equitable emergency response. We are excited to showcase a curated selection of research and resources that align with this vision, providing valuable insights and tools that can be used to support communities in times of crisis.

Alternative Crisis Response Directory

Compiled by community volunteers, the Directory of Alternative Crisis Response Programs highlights more than 100 programs committed to supporting people in need with unarmed emergency response teams.

Civilian Crisis Mental Health Programs

Just Mental Health Canada is working to decouple police from mental health crisis response. Visit their interactive international alternative response map and learn more about their incredible work.

Archived Initiative Details

The archived maps below showcase several national 911 initiatives. Please note that some initiatives fall into multiple categories. Download the full initiative details to view information on each initiative.

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