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As 911 initiatives and research are growing and changing, so is this Resource Hub. If you’re aware of a resource that is missing, have questions, or would like to offer any corrections, please contact us at with a link to information about the resource. Please also contact us if you discover a resource URL or link on this site that no longer works.

Archived Initiatives Map

Last updated in 2022, these map images include pins for media reports highlighting several types of initiatives across the country that are designed to transform 911. The pin color relates to what aspects of 911 transformation are the focus. The topics include: 911 History; 911 Hotline Alternatives (311/211/988/etc. and text lines); Alternative First Responders; ECC (Emergency Communications Center) / Call Handling Operations; Technology; Data, Research, and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators); Governance; and 911 Professional Career and Supports Users can select any or all of the 911 initiative topics to display.

These map images also display county and Emergency Call Center (ECC, also referred to as Public Safety Answering Points or PSAPs) boundaries within state lines. The boundaries of the ECCs demonstrate the complex nature of how 911 is structured in the US. These maps were developed by GeoPlatform which is an open data source. ECCs are continually changing. At the time that this map was developed, nationwide there were a total of 5,597 ECCs.

Initiative Details

The maps above showcase several types of initiatives. At the link below, you can review detailed information about each initiative. Please note that some initiatives fall into multiple topic categories.
Featured Mobile Crisis Resources

At the heart of Transform911’s mission lies a strong commitment to community building and fostering connections with organizations that share our dedication to equitable emergency response. We are excited to showcase a curated selection of research and resources that align with this vision, providing valuable insights and tools that can be used to support communities in times of crisis.

Alternative Crisis Response Directory

Compiled by community volunteers, the Directory of Alternative Crisis Response Programs highlights more than 100 programs committed to supporting people in need with unarmed emergency response teams. Access their directory to learn more about the alternative crisis response options near you!

Civilian Mental Health Crisis Programs

Just Mental Health Canada is working to decouple police from mental health crisis response. Visit their interactive international alternative response map and learn more about their incredible work!

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